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Well, we’re almost two weeks into the New Year.

This is usually the time when New Year’s resolutions are beginning to melt away.

But here is one resolution that you should stick with all year. And that is to make the most of your self defense training resources.

We all…

You’ve just attended a basic self defense class. Now what?

In your class, you probably learned a stance or two, some movement techniques and some simple strikes or kicks. Maybe you learned some methods to break away from someone that has grabbed you.

And now you’re ready to defend yourself.

But will you still be ready a month from now…

A HUGE group of people running into a store on Black Friday

This article was originally written before 2020. I’ve no idea how much Black Friday shopping will be done in person now. However, just in case, this information can help you on Black Friday or any other shopping day.

The Black Friday shopping frenzy has escalated in recent years as mobs…

Photo of a hotel

When you travel, whether for business or vacation, you’ll most likely spend time in hotels. Here are some tips to help keep you safer while staying in hotel rooms.

Get a hotel in a safe area, even if it’s further away than you want to be from an event or…

Vacation is an exciting time. But it’s easy to become so focused on having fun that you can forget to be cautious or aware of your surroundings. Here are some tips to help you stay safer.

Before You Leave

Plan your travel route in advance and tell a family member or trusted friend…

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