Beware Bad Advice -Weapons Edition

This is my third blog post about the many bad self-defense “tips” that can be found online. I believe that the people posting the advice are truly trying to help. But still, the advice is bad.

I found so many since the first post that I decided to write more posts and make them specific to one subject. (See below for links to other Bad Advice posts.)

This post is all about Bad Advice for using Weapons.

And, again, I realize the irony of using the internet to warn people about bad advice on the internet. :-)

“You don’t really need to carry a firearm. Only one out of 10 criminals use guns [sic] when they target random individuals, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.”

I’m having trouble even responding to this without being sarcastic. I mean… just because only one out of 10 criminals uses a gun (if that statistic is indeed true), does that mean we don’t need to carry a firearm ourselves?

What are we supposed to do if we actually cross paths with that “one” bad guy? Hope someone else is carrying so they can save us? Pray that the bad guy with the gun won’t shoot us?

It doesn’t matter if the statistic is one out of 1000, it’s still bad advice. The choice to carry is yours, of course. But don’t make your decision based on this kind of statistic. Seriously. Don’t.

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“Sometimes merely showing the criminal that you are armed is enough to prevent an attack. For example, if you do have pepper spray, pull it out and point it toward the criminal, saying ‘Don’t come any closer. I have pepper spray,’ out loud.”

I suppose it might work. I mean… anything’s possible. But what happens if it doesn’t work? What if it doesn’t scare the attacker? What if he’s still intent on attacking you? Now he knows you have a weapon. And he knows what type of weapon you have. So now he can alter his method of attack to either avoid the weapon and/or take it from you.

Self defense is not a social activity. Don’t say what you’re going to do to defend yourself. DO it!

“Carry a gun and hold it so people can see.”

!!!!!????? If you’re going to carry a firearm, keep it in a secure holster. Do not hold it in your hand until and unless you are ready to actually use it.

There are so many reasons why holding your firearm “so people can see” is a bad idea.

  • In today’s America, someone will definitely call 911 on you.
  • You could get arrested for “brandishing a firearm” (or some other local law that you could be breaking).
  • It could go off accidently.
  • It could be grabbed out of your hand (and maybe used against you)!
  • Those are just a few of the reasons.

Also, make sure it’s legal to carry where you are and learn how to use your firearm safely and effectively.

“Walk with one hand in your pocket. Bad guys don’t know if you have a weapon ready to use.”

Keep both hands free whenever possible. If you are attacked, you may not be able to get your hand out of your pocket in time to defend yourself.

If you do carry a weapon, make sure you have practiced presenting it from concealment quickly and safety.

And never carry a firearm in your pocket without a quality holster.

“Don’t carry a knife or any other such weapon. They can be turned against you extremely easily if you don’t know how to use them…”

Well, if you don’t know how to use the weapon you’re carrying, then things could go wrong. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t carry one.

However… make sure the weapon you choose is legal to carry where you live/work/travel and then learn how to use it. And it just isn’t firearms that have laws attached to them. Knives, pepper sprays (specific ingredients) and other devices are illegal in some areas.

Any weapon can be turned against you. But you can reduce the risk by taking training lessons or classes, learning weapon retention and learning how to use your weapon safely and effectively (no matter what your weapon of choice is).

Be aware of bad advice. Most of the time, common sense will tell you that the advice is bad. But if you aren’t sure, do some research. Check out some actual Self Defense and/or firearm sites. Don’t rely on Q&A sites or “self defense” articles on random sites.

~ Shereen

Beware Bad Advice About Self Defense

Beware Bad Advice -Threat Awareness Edition

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Helping people learn threat awareness, defensive mindset and defensive skills. Follow PDC on MeWe or Tumblr

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